Here is a selection of different scores in the PDF-format which can be opened by Acrobat Reader or another PDF reader.

Two movements 1.2 mb
Three movements 3 mb
wind orchestra 2.3 mb
Orchestral poem 4.1 mb
Large Wind Orchestra 3.6 mb
a short funny piece for sinfonietta ensemble 2 mb
for Mandolin solo and Sinfonietta 1.3 mb
Score and separate solopart 4 mb
for flute, violin and orchestra 3 mb
Scored for solo guitar and string trio 972 k
specially composed to a film for wind orchestra with extreme "mickey mousing" syncronization 4.4 mb
Available in two versions, one with symphony orchestra and one with large wind orchestra 5 mb
for 13 brass players, timpani and tubular bells + one pair of cymbals 1.5 mb
Composed 2005-2006 for Orchestra 2.7 mb