(Flowershadows) old chinese poem in swedish translation scored for soprano and piano trio 196 k
a set of song based on Quechua poems translated into Swedish by Siv Cedering 732 k
a single song to my own lyrics 220 k
Ödet och slumpen for 4-part choir (Destiny and Chance) 376 k
Elden jag tände, Quechua love poem for soprano and piano trio 428 k
(By The Sea) with words by Pär Lagerkvist was performed by 5000 choir singers and a wind orchestra with 120 players at Visby, Gotland on the Nordic-Baltic Choir Festival 2 mb
poem by Damaso Alonso for soprano and piano trio, duration 10 min 828 k
choir, clarinet and guitar 2.5 mb