Ouverture (2003) was composed for Östgöta blåsarsymfoniker and the specific instrumentation of this wind orchestra. Unlike common wind bands there is only one flute and one oboe here.

The piece is not an ordinary overture but more like a suite in four parts.
Small character pieces which are linked into each other.
The title Ouverture indicates that this is an opening piece with a rather short duration, about 12 minutes.
A piece that can start a concert or start the second part of a concert.
I have used the french spelling Ouverture simply because I prefer it.

A short description of the music:
1. A tiny pentatonic flute melody is repeated in an irregular metre.
Gradually the texture grows into a crescendo with the full orchestra activated.
2. A calm meditation with lots of ornaments in the woodwinds.
Perhaps this part gives a sacrale atmosphere to the whole piece.
3. Signals -- from the trombone starts with a suspended cymbal tremolo behind and turns the music into a quite dramatic mood. Towards the end of the movement, short reminiscenses returns from the introduction of the piece.
4. A wild marsch where the complete orchestra get’s together in a steady beat.
An angry trumpet makes itself heard through short sharpedged solo phrases. At last the orchestra stops the movement loud , powerful and percussive in this miniature marsch.