Quartet [The Alloys] (2001)
is composed for the well knowned saxophonist John-Edward Kelly and his ensemble The Alloys Ensemble. The fact that I have used the name of the ensemble for my composition are for two reasons:
Primarily because the work is dedicated to this group and the second is because one could say that this composition is in itself a sort of musical alloy- it consists of three movements which both has similarities and differences- but all together they create an alloy.

The introduction of the triptyk exposes the main harmonic material for the first movement in the form of simple soundtransformation between the instruments. After that comes a fast and perhaps a music which balances between jazz and a lyrical expressionism. The second movement is slow and very expressive with concentration on timbre and melodic expression. The last movement is fast, playful and quite virtuoso. Together the movements takes approximately 17 minutes, depending on the interpretation of course.