Suite (1989/90) for alto saxophone & guitar (duration ca 11 min)
is one of very few compositions for the odd combination of alto
saxophone and classical guitar. It consists of four short
movements- the introduction "misterioso" has a flavour of african
3:2-rhytms. The repetitions of the mantra like melodic cells strive
upwards, but stay basically in a laid back mysterical mood.
The second movement is a sharp contrast -more or less in an
ancient character, the two instruments playing expressive vocal
lines- the mood is poetical and a little bit melancholic.
The Habanera is dedicated to the Cuban composer Hector Angulo
whom I met in St Petersburg. This piece is simply what the title
suggests; a stuffy dance with timbral interchanges in the guitar
part, which mix low accentuated portamenti with soft harmonics
(as) the background beat to the saxophone's more direct melodic
The finale is another kind of dance- the melodic formulas may
remind about the first movement, where short phrases also were
used. However this character has more energetic speed and the
linear intervals are meant to express the vertical chord sound as
well- similar to the acoustical effect when for example a
windplayer performs in a church.
The Suite was first performed by Jörgen Pettersson and Magnus